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New Activities

E-module: Respiratory tract infections and antimicrobial resistance

ISAC is pleased to announce the launch of its first e-module which has been created as part of the ISAC Academy series of short courses on infection topics. This module was developed by ISAC’s Immunisations and Vaccines Working Group, led by Dr David McIntosh and Dr Mario Ramirez.

Deciphering the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance in MDR Gram-negative pathogen by lipidomic

This is the third talk in the series of webinars on "When pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology meet infectious disease" organised by ISAC's Early Career Working Group.


Recent Activities

ON-DEMAND | Journey into the anti-infective field: academic, clinical & industry perspectives

ISAC and ISAP Joint ECR Webinar

32nd ICC Abstracts

The Abstracts from the 32nd International Congress of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (ICC) have now been published in ISAC's journal, the Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance (JGAR).

ON-DEMAND | Introduction to adaptive clinical trial design

The on-demand recording of the recent webinar organised by Early Career Working Group is now available.

ON-DEMAND | Dissemination of viral infections during mass gatherings

Organised by the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA).

ON-DEMAND | COVID-19: re-vaccination and variant vaccines

In case you missed the recent webinar, watch it on ISAC's YouTube channel.

ON-DEMAND | Antimicrobial Pharmacometrics

The first talk by the Early Career Working Group on "Antimicrobial Pharmacometrics: Mathematical Models for Antimicrobial Research and Development".