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ON-DEMAND Beyond the pill: ...

This joint webinar was hosted by the AMR Declaration Trust and the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA) ...

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Zero by 2023: One Health perspectives ...

Organised by the ISAC Viral Infections Working GroupThis webinar aims to raise awareness of various aspects related to rabies for ...

Just published - ISAC / APUA Newsletter

Download the latest ISAC / APUA Newsletter which contains features articles, a round-up of the latest AMR news as well as ...

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The Antibiogram Training Project

ISAC is delighted to share this free training project to assist laboratories in developing and sharing hospital antibiograms.

Membrane lipid remodelling confers ...

The on-demand recording of the latest ISAC Early Career Working Group webinar is now available.

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ISAC Project Grants

There is only one month to apply for an ISAC Project Grant. Applications invited from ISAC Member Societies for between &...

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Antibiotic allergy - a risk worth ...

In this lecture, Dr Trubiano presents on setting up an antibiotic allergy programme:

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Antibiotic summary cards

The Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA) and the International Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (ISAC) are proud to ...

Fever in returning travellers ISAC ...

ISAC is pleased to announce the launch of a second free E-module which has been developed as part of a ...

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ISAC offers free E-modules as part of the ISAC Academy series of short courses on infection topics.

Participants receive a certificate of completion on passing the course.

More E-modules will follow.

You can access a number of free online courses from stakeholders via our E-learning Resources page.


Fever in returning travellers

Fever in returning travellers

Developed by ISAC's Immunisations & Vaccines Working Group

The course is geared toward healthcare professionals interested in learning more about managing fever in returning travellers. It contains case studies as well as methods of infection prevention including vaccination, vector control and chemoprophylaxis.

Course Aims
With the rapid increase in international travel in recent decades, the possibility of returning travellers bringing back infections has increased substantially. Many infections initially present with fever and it is important for clinicians to be able to differentiate milder conditions from those that could be life-threatening.

This course will help to define travel-related infections and their causes in chapter one, before moving onto discussion of particular infections with case studies in chapter two. Methods of infection prevention including vaccination are discussed in the last chapter.

Respiratory tract infections and antimicrobial resistance

Respiratory tract infections and antimicrobial resistance

Developed by ISAC's Immunisations & Vaccines Working Group

This course is designed to help healthcare professionals build their understanding of how vaccinations can help to prevent antimicrobial resistance in relation to respiratory tract infections, like pneumonia.

Course Aims
The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has highlighted the severe health consequences associated with respiratory tract infection. Pneumonia continues to be a global problem which requires treatment with antimicrobials. However, inappropriate prescribing of antimicrobials for respiratory tract infections can increase the global burden of antimicrobial resistance.

The course explores the causes of respiratory tract infections and the epidemiological effect of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on RTIs and antimicrobial prescribing. It also explores antimicrobial resistance and diagnostics before discussing the role of vaccines in reducing antimicrobial resistance.